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Review of Internship Experience at Globalsoft


March 6, 2024

2 min read


Ešref Pivčić, who completed the Globalsoft internship, shared his impressions gained during this period of learning and mastering new skills.


"My colleague and I were warmly welcomed by the staff in Mostar, and we quickly had the chance to meet most of the employees who were open to assisting with any questions. We were immediately involved in working on a project that was highly interesting – developing a system for driving exams ( This project was not only challenging but also provided us with the opportunity to apply and expand our knowledge, especially in technologies such as React and Go.


The flexible working hours and relaxed atmosphere in the company created a work environment in which we felt fully engaged and supported. The Globalsoft team, regardless of their position, provided us with a respectful attitude, making us feel like equal members of the team, not just interns. I also want to express my satisfaction with being welcome in the office in Široki Brijeg, which further enriched our experience.


Considering the engagement in the project, working with modern technologies, and the support we received from colleagues, this internship was not only educational but also very enjoyable. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work at Globalsoft and look forward to the possibility of future collaboration."



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Office Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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