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Do you want to dive in to the exciting world of web development? Then you're in the right place. Our Code Camp is a place where enthusiasts, developers and future development experts meet. We are creating a community dedicated to learning, developing skills and researching the world of programming. We offer educational developer workshops which will lead you step by step through the process of creating a web page. The workshops are divided into three groups:


The basic group introduces students to the basics of web development through languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Participants will learn how to create visually appealing pages and how to bring them to life using interactive elements. The focus is on the client side of the web, where it is investigated how users see and experience web content.


The advanced group guides students through more complex web development, including backend technologies and database integration. In addition to dealing with the frontend, participants will learn how to set up a server, manage databases and create complex web applications, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of web development where they become capable of developing full-fledged web solutions.


The Full stack group represents an advanced level because it covers both frontend and backend aspects. On the frontend side, students will learn how to create attractive and interactive user interfaces (HTML, CSS; JS), while the backend side will focus on setting up the server side, database management and development of complex web applications. This group will give the students an overall understanding, enabling them to develop complete and high-functioning web solutions.

The goal of the workshops is to enable all the attendees to learn the basics of web development and to be able to independently create some basic web apps which will be useful for them in their future growth in the web development world.


Code Camp Sessions

  • Closed!
  • Start Date:April 15
  • Application deadline:April 5
  • Location:Široki Brijeg
  • Open!
  • Start Date:September 9
  • Application deadline:August 30
  • Location:Široki Brijeg
  • Open!
  • Start Date:November 18
  • Application deadline:November 8
  • Location:Široki Brijeg

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Code Camp Classroom

Web developers, or programmers, are responsible for development and maintenance of web pages which we use on a daily basis for work, studies, shopping, gaming etc. Web development consists of the backend and frontend parts.


Front-end is the user side of the application. Everything that the user/client sees on the page and his interaction with the page content is enabled through a combination of design, technology and web page development. The most commonly used programming languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Backend represents the server side of the app. All data received from the user is processed by the server, by doing some specific tasks, and returns some result to the user. That part of the webpage is not visible to the user nor does he have any communication with it, it works in the background and enables the functionality of the webpage. Examples of programming languages used here are PHP, SQL, Java, Python etc.

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First Code Camp

Certificate for Code Camp

The first Code Camp was started in April of 2023 and lasted two months. More than 50 attendees were sorted into three groups: two basic, one advanced.

After the workshops were concluded, attendees took the final exam and 31 of them passed, 16 in the basic and 15 in the advanced group. All the attendees that passed the exam received a signed certificate. Our mentors, Ante and Josip provided the attendees with a relaxed atmosphere which is always the best for working and learning

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Code Camp Plan


The perfect place for beginners who are just entering the world of web development. Here, you will discover the fundamentals of creating attractive and functional websites, regardless of your previous experience


For those with a basic understanding of programming looking to enhance their knowledge, our Web Advanced group offers advanced techniques for crafting exceptional digital solutions.


Become web development masters. Take control of all aspects of web app creation. Prepare for comprehensive understanding and independent problem-solving in the web tech world.

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In two months I learned a lot of stuff about fullstack web development which I didn't know before. We had a great mentor who took us through everything from beginning to end of app development, both in theory and in practice. The workshop showed a lot of team work. After finishing the workshop, I got a chance to become an intern at globalsoft. I believe that this Code Camp is a great opportunity for both total beginners and those that want to expand their existing knowledge.

Which significantly shaped my programming career. This intense workshop gave me unbelievable value, both in acquiring technical skills as well as developing soft skills which are crucial for a successful IT career. The program of the Code Camp was thorough and accessible, adapted to all levels of knowledge. The instructors were competent, patient and ready to help at any moment. During the workshop, I learned more than just coding syntax; I learned how to think as a programmer, find creative solutions to problems and efficiently work with colleagues. What stands out in the Code Camp is the practical projects which are integrated in the curriculum. That allowed me to apply my knowledge into real situations. Today I feel confident about my programming journey and I owe a lot to the Code Camp for giving me the tools and knowledge for a successful programming career.

Even though I came to it with a slightly reserved mindset towards that type of education. This workshop gave me a chance to take a deeper dive into the world of software development and bring me skills to a whole new level. The instructor was exceptionally competent and dedicated to his teaching, providing clear guidelines and support during the entire duration of the Code camp. Also, working in team with other colleagues was inspirational and taught me a lot about team work and cooperation. The workshops and lectures were interactive and dynamic which enabled a better understanding of the curriculum. Not long after finishing the Code Camp, globalsoft invited me for a job interview!

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The workshops are intended for everyone, from high school students and university students to employed individuals. We offer a basic group for those who have no prior knowledge and wish to step into the world of web programming for the first time. There are also advanced and full-stack groups for those who want to refine and expand their existing knowledge.

Given the significant interest and limited capacity, successful completion of an entry test is required for the advanced and full-stack groups, while for the basic group, having the willingness is sufficient. 😊

One workshop cycle for a group lasts two months.

Workshops are held twice a week, and one session lasts 3 hours.

Workshops are conducted in the morning (9-12 am), afternoon (12:30-3:30 pm), and evening (4:30-7:30 pm) time slots.

Workshops are conducted exclusively live in a classroom specifically designated for workshops.

The workshops take place at globalsoft's premises in Široki Brijeg, at the address: Ulica pobijenih franjevaca 25, Široki Brijeg.

The workshops are free of charge.

We plan to hold workshops in Mostar in the future. For all information, follow our official website.

The primary goal of the workshops is not the employment of new workers but providing fundamental knowledge in web programming. If there is a need for hiring new colleagues, we will certainly consider those participants who have exceptionally distinguished themselves with their knowledge and talent during the workshops.

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The third edition of the globalsoft Code Camp is currently underway, and you can now submit your application for the next cycle scheduled for April 2024. After that, workshops are planned to be held continuously, every 2 months. Given the high level of interest and limited capacity, we recommend securing your spot as soon as possible and stepping into the world of web programming. We are waiting for you.

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