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Professional Team

Empower your projects with our on-site Professional Team. We prioritize precision, collaboration, and innovation, ensuring your goals are not just met, but exceeded. Partner with us for a professional touch in every aspect of your journey.


How It Works

Team Overview

We conduct a thorough consultation to understand your long-term vision and identify the key profiles and skills needed for your dedicated software development team. In cases of urgent deliverables, we can refer you to our Project Team while we assemble your dedicated team.

Talent Evaluation Process

We commence the screening process for our selected top-tier talent intended for your dedicated team. Subsequently, we engage in collaborative discussions regarding their profiles to ascertain suitability. Upon completion, you conduct the final interviews, marking the initiation of our joint onboarding endeavor.

Integration Process

We facilitate the onboarding process for your dedicated team, ensuring a seamless transition. In instances where our team is involved in project deliverables, we conduct a comprehensive knowledge transfer process to transition responsibilities to your dedicated team.

Growth and Governance

Manage a dedicated software development team in collaboration with our Scrum Team. At this juncture, we adapt and scale your dedicated team to align with the evolving.

What You Get?

  • You acquire vetted talent through an intricate interview process tailored for top-tier candidates.
  • Reduce costs and risks by ~40% due to enhanced quality with dedicated teams.
  • We offer specialized training in innovative technologies, complemented by industry-leading workshops ensuring excellence.
  • We handle all HR complexities, empowering you to concentrate on your business vision and growth.
  • Dedicated on-site teams drive heightened levels of productivity and innovation, propelling your business towards success.
Dennis de Jong, GDP

‘We were looking for someone to implement our business ideas and needs into a simple yet powerful tool, universal but still unique, and globalsoft answered the challenge. ’

Dennis de Jong

CEO of Global Digital Profile GmbH

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globalsoft professional team

Employing a meticulously structured approach, we assemble a proficient, dedicated team tailored specifically to your project's long-term requirements. Our adept engineers leverage cutting-edge performance technologies, including Angular, React, Node.js, and Python, to deliver high-performance solutions aligned with your objectives.

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