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Building a better Casino experience with AEM - Adobe Experience Manager

globalsoft builds a better Casino experience with AEM, enhancing player satisfaction, client usability and revenue. Mix and match fragments in innovative and engaging combinations to give your casino players the best possible gaming experience.

About the Project

online casino showcase

globalsoft partnered with a German based online casino to develop a new Casino site that will optimize and enhance player enjoyment. This site uses deep technical expertise with business know-how to deliver an engaging gaming experience.


The primary challenge was crafting a new casino solution capable of quickly adapting in a market dominated by strict regulations and demanding customers while maintaining symplicity in user experience. This required an innovative solution keeping in mind the delicate balance between simplicity of user experience in building the casino, scalability for high levels of traffic and ability to adapt in real-time, maximizing player satisfaction and building the brand and profits.

Tools Used


Using the modularity of AEM, its simple but powerful fragments, globalsoft built a pleasing and high-performance Casino site solution giving the perfect gaming experience. The fragments were created and enhanced with clean coding principles and forward-thinking strategies at the very core, creating and enhancing features for the players of today and of tonmorrow. In an ever-growing and ever-evolving market, globalsoft and its clients created a gaming experience capable of swift responsiveness to new demands, scalable for growing levels of traffic, all wrapped in a user-friendly tool for arranging the best frontend possible - all using Adobe Experience Manager.

Adaptable Casino Site Solution

Enhanced User and Business Performance

Focus on Long-term Strategy and Technical Excellence

Commitment to Superiority

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