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How we turned “Thank You” pages into revenue generators

globalsoft transforms Thank You pages into profitable offers, enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction. Discover new revenue opportunities with our innovative solutions.

Partners that integrated our micro shop solutions

About the Project

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globalsoft partnered with a German marketing firm to develop integrated micro shops that optimize checkout processes on large e-commerce sites. These micro shops use personalized AI-driven upsells and cross-sells based on real-time data and prefill information provided by the host platforms.


The primary challenge was crafting a system capable of managing high traffic volumes while dynamically adapting to continuous changes in e-commerce strategies and consumer behaviors, without sacrificing performance. This required a delicate balance between scalability, flexibility, and speed to ensure seamless operations in an ever-evolving online marketplace, ultimately driving sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Tools Used


globalsoft engineered a high-performance micro shop solution equipped with an AI-driven recommendation engine that intelligently suggests a limited number of products tailored to each customer`s preferences and previous interactions. This system was developed using clean code and scalable architectures, ensuring rapid adaptability to evolving market demands.

Tailored AI Recommendations

High-Performance Micro Shops

Clean Code Foundation

Scalable Architecture

Rapid Market Adaptation

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