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Revitalizing the concept of e-learning

globalsoft reimagines and revitalizes the e-learning experience, targeting all groups - age, gender, experience - and providing them with a higher level of understanding, taking themselves as individuals, and their respective companies, to new heights and revenue streams.

About the Project

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globalsoft teamed up with a client well known and invested in the betting and cleaning industries, to offer individuals and companies a simple yet optimal way to gain new information, acquire new skills, test their newfound knowledge and certify themselves as experts.


The primary challenge was creating a new e-learning and certification experience, capable of adapting to multiple different markets, while maintaining an engaging design and view towards all users, irrespective of age, gender, occupation and previous level of knowledge. This required a creative and innovative solution, keeping in mind simplicity in building powerful learning and testing materials for the business users, scalability for multiple languages and payment methods as well as a pleasing experience for the applicants themselves.

Tools Used


globalsoft built a simple yet high-performance solution giving its client the ability to quickly create and edit learning materials, aimed towards all users being able to certify themselves in any market needed. The solution was built keeping well-designed architecture, clean coding principles and ease-of-use in mind, providing the client with the best way to satisfy market needs in real time.

High-Performance Solution

User-Friendly Design

Market Certification

Real-Time Market Needs

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